The green transport trailer - All In One

New concepts for CO2-neutral transport for everyone


Bicycle trailers are often wide and bulky, which can be annoying for others living in an apartment building as many residents do not have a garage to store them. We - the Allgäuer Werkstätten, the Sunnahof in Vorarlberg (both day care centres for people with special needs) and the ZAK (Association for Waste Management in Allgäu) - want to build a trailer for bikes and scooters. The trailer shall be environmentally friendly and save space. Boxes of various sizes as well as the transport frame shall be developed. A combination bike trailer in modular design would make the project particularly exciting. We would like to use bio-composite building materials. The boxes and the trailer shall be attractive, strong, durable and fluid-resistant (leaking waste). Furthermore, they shall be multi-functional, enabling you not only to transport your scrap to the recycling centre or your purchases from the weekly market, but perhaps also to carry your children. CO2 neutral production would be fantastic but it is not mandatory. The trailers and the boxes shall be offered at an affordable price, so that a lot of people will buy them and use them. We are looking for creative proposals regarding functionality and design of a completely new and innovative trailer, including the box. We invite you to submit your great ideas, including plans, drawings and sketches of your ideas. This project is financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) INTERREG-program Austria-Bavaria 2014-2020.

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